Sonntag, 19. Juli 2015

Lʙ. 1581

Skin- [PF] Doll V2 - Pure 
Hair- Lamb. Crave You - Variety Pack **New @ The Hair Fair**
Body- Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Eyeliner- < nova > Zoe Liner. { blood } **New @ Anybody**
Facetattoo- antielle. Devil Scars **New @ Origami**
Bodytattoo- .Things.- Ragnarok Tattoo **New @ The Secret Affair**

Top- Tee*fy Clarissa Bustier Top - Black **New @ Kustom9**
Bra- *MUKA* Freyja - Steel - Top **New @ The Epiphany**
Belt- :Enigma: Ragnar [Belt] Brown **New @ The Secret Affair**
Kilt- :Enigma: Ragnar [Kilt] Black **New @ The Secret Affair**
Wraps- [CX] Wraps
Geta´s- {MB} Kingyo Tower Geta [Midnight] **New @ Origami**

Halo- [CX] Tsukiyomi's Halo (Grunge) EXCLUSIVE **New @ The Epiphany**
Necklace- *MUKA* Freyja - Steel - Necklace **New @ The Epiphany**
Pauldron- *MUKA* Freyja - Steel - Pauldron **New @ The Epiphany**
Chestarmour- [The Forge] Drunna Chest PIece, (Steel) **New @ The Secret Affair**
Hipaccecoir- *MUKA* Freyja - Steel - Hip  **New @ The Epiphany**
Bracer- *MUKA* Freyja - Steel - Bracers **New @ The Epiphany**
Katana- PFC~Eien 2.0 **New @ The Secret Affair**
 NEW in 2.0

    · [NEW] This is a full remake of the sword, before sculpty, is now mesh, new and better model with new textures and more options.
    · [NEW] New animations, two-handed sword styled, there is only 1 high quality set of animations now, rather than 2 bad ones.
    · [NEW] Included optional sheath version without animations (draw, sheath, stand and run animations won't be played)
    · [NEW] Added a sensitivity control for the trigger, now its not soft or normal, its 0% 25% 50% 75% or 100%, 100% is full soft trigger and 0% is no soft trigger at all, defaul sensitivity for a sword is setted to 75%.
    · [CHANGE] The draw path is far different now to allow swing from the very moment the weapon is drawn, no delay in the first slash after drawing.
    · [CHANGE] Script compilation, lets go back to mono, again.
    · [CHANGE] Reduced the timer usage, it increments the accuracy in delay times.
    · [CHANGE] The damage tag changes from (40%) to [40] to avoid drama with people reading (40%) twice in the hit message and so, thinking the weapon does 80% damage. Please don't laugh, this happened like 10 times in the last year Oo
    · [CHANGE] Some options have been removed like the chiburi (clean blood animation) and the optional animation set. This change was needed as any others in order to improve the performance of the sword and make it usable, before it was a pretty weapon but the performance due the many customization options was not good, now the fighting script is totally separated of the customization options and won't be affected by those.
    · [FIXED] You cannot attach more than 1 sword now.
    · [FIXED] The custom channel and custom sound commands now work only when the weapon is drawn.
    · [FIXED] A really weird bug that locked your movement dragging you forward when you pressed jump, forward, right, left and click mouse at same time.
    · other minor changes

(Yummy) Lotus - Gold (Septum)
:Hebenon Vial: Against the Stream [Ink] *Mesh*


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