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Lʙ. 1749 - [ Aʏᴏ Tᴇᴄʜɴᴏʟᴏɢʏ ]

Skin- DeeTaleZ *Appliers* Logo Heads "Face Kemina" 
Hair- +Spellbound+ Kitten // Chapter I : Earth
Body- Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara

Shoes- #EMPIRE - Aster **New @ Kustom9**

Gag- [CX] Ring/Ball Gag (White) **New @ ROMP**
Bodyropes- U get them from the Cage or get it from the Mainstore :Stockholm&Lima:

Cage- Stockholm&Lima: The Nightingale Cage (Antique) **New @ ROMP**

2 Versions of the cage: Clean and Antique
Each cage has 4 metal and 4 wood texture sets + 4 predefined theme textures
Fully Material Enabled
Security Access for texture changing (Owner, Group, Public)

6 Female Solo Animations for capture, waiting, and sitting. 
6 Bondage Solo Animations
6 Shibari Solo Animations
23 Adult couples animations broken up into 4 animation sequence sets

RLV Capture Enabled
D/s Menu system
Security Access for sitters and menu users (Owner, Group, Public)
Timelocking capture abilities
Further RLV capabilities
Full female Shibari harness set (harness, and cuffs included - NOT wearable off the cage)
Gag and Blindfold with 5 degrees of darkness
19 color change options for the ropes, harness, blindfold and gag
AVSitter Experience Keys ready for auto attachment of props, and/or attachments made by the Dominant to the submissive.  

15 li

Rug- [we're CLOSED] fur carpet
Ropes- Morphe Inc. Dock roping 2
Flogger- *AF* Captive Flogger Weathered
Whip- 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Leather Whip
Fires- [Tia] Dungeon Fires - Cauldron Brazier + Glow
Brazier- [Tia] Dungeon Fires - Tall Brazier  + Glow
Cross- *AF* Captive Cross Weathered
Horse- *AF* Captive Horse ~ Weathered
Dungeon- Fanatik Architecture: Cave lever 1
Island- :Fanatik Architecture: CLIFF COVER Island Terrace 1024

Included in Cage 

Rose ✿   

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