Sonntag, 5. April 2015

Lʙ. 1467

Skin- .alterego. kensi - powder **New @ Anybody**
Hair- ~Tableau Vivant~ Mokuzai hair // female **New @ Xiasumi**
Body- Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Tattoo- *Bolson / Tattoo Mesh Body Pack - Mr. Mockup

Top- -Pixicat- Metal.Top - Shade 
Pants- Bueno - Leggings -Black
Boots- [NikotiN] SplitRock - Tattoo Gang **New @ TCF**

Collar- Kibitz - Casey choker - obsidian **New @ We ♥ Roleplay**
Pauldron- .Keystone. Tarnsman's Pauldron -  Steel **New @ The Arena**
Wraps- [CX] Wraps **New @ The Arena**
Bracer- PFC~Champion - bracer **New @ The Arena**
Belt- -DRD male bulletbelt (mono)
Weapon- LR Phan Combo (Aesthetic) **New @ We ♥ Roleplay**
Combo series offers 3 NEW FEATURES:
== 2 MELEE WEAPONS in only 1 attachment. This means less prims inworld, half scripts, and less lag.
== CONTROLLED DELAY in the change of weapon, preventing the underdelay. In other words, every weapon inside the Combo waits for the end of the delay of the previous weapon.
== MAGIC CLICK, that emulates the gaming mouse and allows you to switch the weapons without gestures.

Weapon on Him- LR Neyven Axe sheath **New @ We ♥ Roleplay**
The draw axe comes in many versions.
PICKAXE VERSION. It has "pickaxe" 35% damage.
GREAT VERSION. It has "great axe" 45% damage.
KLAIVE VERSION. It has "sword" 40% damage. This axe is like a sword, same damage and stances, so, before using it, verify the sim allows this damage for the axe.
[CCS/DCS] VERSION. Only for CCS/DCS meter. This version is optimized for CCS/DCS and other collision meters, and doesn't make any damage in GM meter.

[CX] Blade Set **New @ The Arena**


.aisling.Candles 02 /Natural/
.aisling.Candles 01 /Natural/
.aisling.Candles 03 /Natural/
.aisling.Candles 05 /Natural/
.aisling. Candles 04 /Natural/ **New @ We ♥ Roleplay**
.aisling.  Shipwheel chandelier /Light/ **New @ We ♥ Roleplay**

Simple,he is mine :P

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