Montag, 27. Oktober 2014

Gᴏʀᴇᴀɴ Hᴏᴍᴇ

Worktable - .a i s l i n g.  Herbalist Worktable -Phantom-
Sofa- [aisling]Ron
 - T h e   c o u c h -
•5 Li / Copy only
•4 texture change huds included
(to activate the object, click just beneath the sofa, there's a big transparent prim  above the shadow (alt+T if can't see it).

-The couch comes with a lot of animations and different themes for your Roleplay needs or just for fun (and more!), from PG to adult.

-The couple poses are located in the right and left sit, the middle sit is for single user only

-The couch is not a prop' giver, if you need a book, a "glass" of wine or grapes, you'll have to click the side-table.


- T h e   s i d e t a b l e -
2 Li / Copy only
1 texture change hud

-The sidetable is a prop giver and a decorative item. It will give you and your friends, books, wine and grapes.

Little Table- [aisling] Ron Side-Table
Kitchen - .aisling. Chimney
Barrels- [Tia] Longhall Barrels - Mead
Candle- .aisling. Chartres Flame
Fire- [Tia] Dungeon Fires - Tall Brazier  + Glow
Chandelier- [Tia] Candle Chandelier
Desk- [Tia]_WritingDesk_Weathered
Chair- [Tia]_WritingDeskChair_Weathered
Rug- Zigana . rug . naturel
House- [DDD] Lil' Rustic House 03

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