Freitag, 11. Juli 2014

Lʙ. 1038

Skin- Pink Acid Skin Necee - Peach Color Pack  ALL Apps **New @ TBS**
Hair- ~Tableau Vivant~ Barley Hair - FatPack **New @ The Season Story**
Hands- Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands
Feets- Slink Avatar Enhancement Medium Feet

Sweater- Gawk! Blue Maritime Summer Sweater **New @ The Limited Project**
Dress- ~Sassy!~ Monaco dress - black **New @ TBS**
Shoes- Eudora 3D Mare Nostrum Wedges **New**

Glasses- .PANIK. Flowy Glasses ~ Translucide **New @ The Season Story**
Scarf- Maitreya Long Scarf * Black
Earrings- Theonilla and CO - Nike tes Samothrakes (Silver) **New**
Bracelet- Theonilla and CO - Amazon Bracelet Turquoise **New**
Bag- Eudora 3D Mare Nostrum Tote Bag **New**

Glitterati - 134

Rose ✿  

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